5 Overlooked Exercises You Need to Adopt to Elevate Your Morning Stretch Routine!

Ever wake up feeling a bit lackluster, struggling to shake off the morning cobwebs before getting into gear? If you've been searching for an effective morning stretch routine to kickstart your day, look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we'll unveil the five most effective morning stretches that can swiftly clear away those cobwebs, setting you on the path to a more energized day. In just 10 minutes each morning, these powerful stretches will redefine the way you wake up, ensuring a day full of renewed energy!

Why Are You Stiff in the Morning?

In your younger days, hopping out of bed and diving into the day was a breeze. However, as time passes, those once-unconscious activities take a bit longer to achieve. The reasons behind this are numerous but can be distilled into a few key factors:

  • Joint wear and tear
  • Soft tissue restriction
  • Improper mattress
  • Extended periods of inactivity
  • Incorrect sleeping positions
  • Inadequate rest

Taking control of your day and starting off on the right foot involves targeting specific areas that commonly present with stiffness and contracture. These five exercises aim to do just that.

5 Stretches to Start Your Day!

Patients often walk into our office with the same complaint: "Doc, it takes me forever to loosen up in the morning and get going." After over a decade of addressing this concern, Dr. Mike Turjanica has developed a morning stretch routine to empower his patients to take control of their days and eliminate that stiff, achy morning sensation.

Pec Stretch

The pec muscle group, comprising the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor, tightens up, particularly in individuals who sit for prolonged periods or sleep with their arms wrapped around a pillow across the chest. This tightness can lead to shoulder tightness, neck tightness, and mid-back tightness.

Pectoralis muscle


Rep: 1 rep each arm

Hold: hold each rep for 60 seconds 

Thoracic Spine Extension With a Foam Roller

The thoracic spine, or mid-back, often tightens up due to prolonged periods of sitting at a desk. Our day-to-day activities keep our mid-back in a forward-leaning position, rarely allowing it to extend naturally. This leads to excessive tightness and trigger points. The thoracic spine extension exercise aims to bring the mid-back into extension, loosening up restrictions and breaking up trigger points.


Perform this exercise at differnet levels of the mid back

At each level, stay in the back-bent position for 5-10 seconds, then change the posistion to above or below 

Levator Scapula and Upper Trapezius Stretch

The levator scapula and upper trapezius, located in the back and side of the neck and upper shoulder, often contribute to tight, restrictive areas and consistent symptoms. If you constantly feel the need for someone to release tension in these areas, this stretch can significantly help release tension and alleviate muscle trigger points.

Neck Pain and Upper Trapezius – The culprit or the victim? — East Vic Park  Physiotherapy


Hold each position for 30 seconds 


Hip Flexor Stretch

The hip flexor muscles, a group in the front of your hip, become tight and restrictive, leading to hip and lower back pain. A simple yet powerful stretch to relieve this tightness is the hip flexor lunge stretch.

Hip Flexor Muscle or Flexors of Hip


Hold: 1 minute per leg



Hip Rotations

The hip joint, a ball-and-socket joint with a full 360-degree rotation, tends to become restrictive with age, causing a loss of full rotation. Maintaining a full range of motion in the hip joint is crucial for optimal hip function and mobility throughout the day.


Perform 15-20 reps in each direction 

These 5 Stretches Will Change Your Morning!

We encourage you to dedicate 10 minutes of your morning to these stretches. This will set you up for success, ensuring pain doesn't control your day, but you take control of it! Remember these five stretches and your morning experience will be significantly improved:



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