Office Hours

Monday 10:00-5:00
Tuesday 10:00-5:00
Wednesday 8:00-2:00
Thursday 10:00-5:00
Friday 8:00-2:00

7100 Foundry Row Suite 288-48
Liberty Township, OH

Directions To Break Through Pain

Break Through Pain (BTP) is located at Liberty Center within a suite of offices called Elevate.
Directions and Parking - Enter Liberty Center from Taylor Street or Wyle Street. Drive around to the backside of the Center and park in the Foundry Parking Lot (see map - pink circle).

Building - Enter the mall through the Foundry Row doors. Take either the escalators or steps to the second floor and look for the entrance to Elevate.

Once in Elevate Office - please have a seat in the waiting room, kindly text Dr. Mike at 513-431-8618 and he will come to greet you as soon as he is available.

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