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Welcome to Break Through Pain. We are dedicated to ensuring an exceptional patient experience, starting from your initial phone call to your discharge visit. At Break Through Pain, our primary goal is to provide evidence-based treatments, enabling you as a patient to achieve rapid results for your musculoskeletal concerns. We are committed to allocating sufficient time for appointment slots, ensuring that you never feel rushed. These appointments are specifically designed to allow Dr. Mike Turjanica efficient time to assess your condition, determine an accurate diagnosis, and administer results-driven soft tissue therapy and rehabilitation. Often, significant progress is achieved even during your first visit. If you are seeking a chiropractic clinic that will get you in and out in fifteen minutes with just an adjustment and muscle stimulation, and the Doctor asking you to come back in for three times a week for the rest of your life, Break Through Pain may not be the right fit for you. However, if you are a patient who is tired of living with pain, determined to lead a healthier life, and committed to following a treatment plan to become the best version of yourself, Dr. Mike Turjanica is equally committed to helping you reach that goal!

Break Through Pain - Mission Statement

We are dedicated to one thing - exceptional patient care!

At Break Through Pain (BTP), our mission is to provide state-of-the-art care for effectively managing daily aches and pains. Dr. Mike is dedicated to ensuring that each patient receives ample time and personalized attention to guarantee the highest standard of care at every visit. Our commitment is unwavering, and Dr. Mike approaches each assessment, diagnosis, and case management with unparalleled dedication and effort. We are a results-driven practice, and Dr. Mike takes great pride in achieving positive outcomes for each patient, ensuring that the experience is met with utmost care and attention throughout the healing journey. In our practice, our patients are never just a number. Our patients’ trust and patronage are deeply valued and appreciated. Dr. Mike is devoted to earning and maintaining that trust by serving as a reliable and valuable health resource throughout our patients’ lives. We are committed to empowering and educating our patients, thereby enabling them to embrace a healthier and more vibrant version of themselves. Together, we embark on a path of healing, trust, and care.

Meet Dr. Mike Turjanica – Your Trusted Liberty Township Chiropractor

Dr. Mike was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio. As a child, you could always find him on the baseball field, football field, or playing any sport with a ball. He is a proud graduate of Youngstown State University, where he had the honor to play college baseball for the Penguins. From there, he went on to get his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic. His passion for this profession was ignited during his early years, dealing with nagging injuries and discovering significant relief through chiropractic care...


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Personalized Care

No two treatment plans are alike!

Break Through Pain distinguishes itself from typical high-volume chiropractic offices that schedule patients every 10-15 minutes. Our approach is unique, centering around providing a personalized care experience tailored to you, the patient. Dr. Mike Turjanica takes great joy in collaborating with you to identify the root cause of your pain and then formulating an individualized treatment plan to ensure satisfactory results.

What sets Break Through Pain apart is the absence of any rush during your appointments. Ample time is allocated for each patient visit, fostering a comprehensive and unhurried atmosphere. At every appointment, you will undergo a functional assessment and receive soft tissue treatment. Additionally, you will collaborate with Dr. Mike to develop a specific rehabilitation program that extends beyond the office, encompassing activities to be performed at home. Adhering to this treatment program, both in the office and at home, is crucial for achieving your goals in the most efficient manner possible and saving you time and money along the way!

Advanced techniques and services

 Our Liberty Township chiropractic clinic offers advanced techniques, technologies, and services to meet your needs as a patient seeking relief from daily aches and pains.

Accurate Diagnosis

Soft Tissue Therapy

Injury Rehabilitation

Chiropractic Care

Customizable Home Exercise Program

In Home Visits

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Our Commitment to Excellence

Dr. Mike Turjanica at Break Through Pain is dedicated to surpassing expectations in meeting your needs as a patient. He acknowledges that you have various options in the community for managing your musculoskeletal pain. However, he is confident that choosing Break Through Pain will be a decision you won't regret, especially when you experience significant improvement in the shortest time possible.


Dr. MIke has been amazing!! Long story but after hurting my back 3 years ago I tried different modalities ..traditional chiropractic care and cold laser and medical massage all with limited results.Dr. Mike uses myofascia release in conjunction with a planned exercise program that after a very few sessions worked I find that I do need to go back periodically for a “ tune up” but it always works👏🏻He takes his time during each session and reviews the exercise plan that I do at home.I never feel rushed and never pressured to return more often then necessary..as a matter of fact I usually want to come more often the he feels is necessary! I highly recommend seeing him for any pain issues you may be having.

Lee T Mason, Ohio

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