Chiropractic for Knee Pain Relief in Liberty Township

Knee pain is one of the most common injuries people get; even those who lead a more inactive lifestyle can find themselves experiencing it. In many cases, knee pain stems from dysfunctions or injuries to the soft tissues in or around the knee or the knee joint. 

Because chiropractors understand the connections within the body’s musculoskeletal system, consisting of joints, muscles, tendons, nerves, ligaments, and other connective soft tissues, they’re an excellent resource for relieving knee pain. 

Chiropractors use non-invasive, safe, and effective solutions that empower the body’s natural healing. At Break Through Pain, we implement any number of proven services that find the cause of your symptoms so the injury can be responsibly treated. 

Your concern is to end your pain as soon as possible; ours is to ensure the injury causing it is cared for so you can get the lasting comfort you deserve. Let us determine the cause of your knee pain and help you find full function using our holistic approach.

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Why Do I Have Knee Pain?

Knee pain can occur due to one traumatic accident or over the years because of habitual poor movement patterns. Either way, when the knee is injured, almost every aspect of your day can quickly become affected; even bending the knee as you sit at a desk can be challenging. 

Most of us rely heavily on functioning knees to help us walk, bend, sit, exercise, work, and much more. We put a lot of pressure on our knees daily, and this can make them vulnerable to injury and pain. 

It’s important to discover the cause of your knee pain so you can proactively learn how to care for your body properly. 

Common causes of knee pain include:

  • Regular high-impact sports and exercise, such as running or CrossFit
  • Wear and tear or aging
  • Utilizing a poor lifting technique
  • An acute injury or traumatic accident 
  • An improperly healed surgery 
  • An acute injury or sudden accident
  • Habitually adhering to poor movement patterns 
  • Improper warm-ups and cool-downs
  • And more

Because the body’s structures are so related to one another, when one area becomes injured, it can show up as pain elsewhere. For instance, a herniated disc in the spine can create pressure on the sciatic nerve, which runs through the knee and can cause knee discomfort. 

A comprehensive assessment will help us better understand why your knee hurts, but we’ll also go over your movements, lifestyle, exercises, and more to get a complete picture of how your knee and body are being affected. 

When knee pain goes untreated, it can lead to worse conditions, including:

  • Patellar tendonopathy or jumper’s knee- this injury is related to physical activity and caused by tears to the knee’s patellar tendon, often due to strenuous jumping 
  • Osgood Schlatter- this condition is typically due to overuse of the knee and causes an inflamed, painful bump below the knee on the shinbone
  • IT band syndrome (Iliotibial band syndrome)- this occurs when the band of tissue (called the iliotibial band) that runs from the pelvic bone down into the shinbone becomes unnaturally tight and rubs against the thighbone, causing knee discomfort and swelling
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome or runner’s knee- this condition leads to aching pain in the front of the knee and is often caused by the way the patient runs or walks 
  • Arthritis- this often occurs when the knee joint becomes inflamed; it can cause pain, stiffness, and loss of range of motion  
  • And others


Whether you sit at a desk all day or travel the world competing in triathlons, your knees need support. We can help strengthen your knee joint and its tissues and reduce the pain your injury is causing. 

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Can a Chiropractor Help My Knee Pain?

Rehabilitative chiropractic care is a proven and trusted way to help reduce knee pain and heal dysfunctions within the body’s joints and soft tissues. Our experienced team will provide a holistic physical exam that assesses the body as a whole so the root cause of your pain can be determined.  

Our solutions give the body a distinct level of care, using gentle yet effective methods inclusive of natural therapies, strengthening exercises and stretches, and preventative care guidance. We want to help you find comfort and mobility quickly so you can continue living your active lifestyle. 

We’ve worked with patients suffering from many different knee-related symptoms, including: 

  • Knee stiffness
  • Soreness, achiness, or tenderness in the knee
  • Loss of the knee’s range of motion or flexibility 
  • Inability to bend the knee
  • Inability to put pressure on the knee
  • Dull to intense and throbbing knee pain
  • Chronic or continuous knee discomfort  
  • Radiating knee pain

Not all knee pain comes from one acute or sudden accident. Many of our knee pain patients have developed their knee pain over time without realizing they were harming themselves. 

Some surprising reasons you may experience knee pain include: 

  • Poor posture and ergonomics 
  • A sedentary lifestyle or sitting or standing all day for work
  • Poor sleep position 
  • Regularly moving and lifting heavy items, such as for your job 
  • Improper moving and lifting technique 
  • Repetitive knee use, often due to sports, activities, or work


When your body normalizes poor patterns, it’s difficult to unlearn them; however, chiropractic care can give you the treatment and tools to make it happen.

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Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Your Knee Pain

Knee pain can get in the way of your quality of life, making every aspect of your day hard. Working with your local chiropractor to end knee pain at the source will help improve comfort, motion patterns, flexibility, and so much more. 

Chiropractic offers several benefits for knee pain and your overall well-being, including:

  • Enhanced joint and soft tissue health
  • Improved mobility
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Improved overall body function and performance
  • Improved productivity and focus 
  • Reduced mental stress
  • Improved posture
  • Increased physical activity and energy


Don’t let knee pain get in the way of your life for one more day, not with comfort so close. 

How We Treat Patients with Knee Pain

In our Liberty Township knee pain chiropractic clinic, we focus on comprehensive support for the body, finding solutions that generate optimal results in the least amount of time. We’re committed to helping you get and stay healthy using extended appointments and education that contributes to your healthy lifestyle.

We don’t want you to rely on pain medication or aggressive healthcare procedures. Our goal is to end your pain responsibly, keeping you out of the clinic and active in life. Dr. Mike will pull from a number of solutions to get your knee strong and healthy.

Our comprehensive knee pain services and solutions are quick, effective, and safe. Some include: 


Each treatment gets you closer to your body’s full function and potential, so we combine our in-clinic solutions with take-home exercises, stretches, and lifestyle insight to encourage the progress. Let’s get you confident in your body. 


Break Through Pain Has Lasting Chiropractic Solutions for Knee Pain

Our rehabilitative chiropractic care can help get your life on track through safe, therapeutic methods. We’re here to support you through this healing journey with various solutions and advice that we trust. 

If you’re ready to find the happiest, healthiest, most efficient version of yourself, let’s do it. 

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From Our Patients

"Dr. Mike is an outstanding practitioner all the way around. He’s treated me for several injuries over the years and has always been able to solve my issues. Super thorough and professional and I absolutely love the new practice!"

- Andrew M. // Liberty Township, OH